myPhD in Hamburg

So, just now I’m sitting in the train back from my trip to the myPhD workshop in Hamburg. myPhD is a workshop backed by multiple IT security professors in Germany and appearantly is done more or less round-robin in each city. The program consisted of multiple talks, categorized as short talks (5-10mins), research talks (20-25mins) and experience talks. In this, the first category was meant for ideas just being developed, the second talks were meant for PhD students a little bit into the “process” and the experience talk was given by a close-to-finishing PhD.

In terms of people, this was a really great workshop. All people I talked to were quite nice and also gave feedback on what was being presented. Although my field of WebSec was only represented by three people, I also heard a lot of interesting talks. I also got to know some guys from the University in Göttingen and we discussed a nice little project for collaboration. This was mostly done at the social event over one or the other beer, which proves the importance of these kind of “meetings”.

All in all, I had a great time. Nevertheless, I hope that the next myPhD will actually be a little closer to Erlangen, since 5h train rides aren’t the greatest thing to have 😉

PS: we also got some nice feedback on the work (download here) we did for CCS. I am really looking forward to having our work presented in Berlin in november!

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