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Some thoughts on ruCTFe 2016

Turns out, I haven’t written anything here for a while. Actually, the last post was about the 2014 ruCTFe and it ended on a positive note. This post will be a little bit different, but we will get to that in a

rwthCTF Write-up bank

Although it was a little time ago, I felt motivated to do write-up of the bank service from rwthCTF. Also, I need to clear my head to continue writing a paper, thus.. here we go! 😉 So, bank was a

ebCTF 2013 pwn300 write-up

Sadly, I only have time right now to do this write-up, thus the service is no longer online. Basically, the service is simple gopher daemon. When we first opened netcat to the daemon, we did not get a reply. Looking at